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An Alternative for
Canadian small business owners

Alright... Are you ready to OWN your business finances?


Are you a Canadian small business owner? Is managing your business finances last on your to-do list?

Are you not able or willing to pay for a skilled bookkeeper or complicated software that you'll abandon after a few months?


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   DIY Bookkeeper  

A Bookkeeping system + access to skilled bookkeepers + an accountability community

Are you ready to OWN your numbers?

Our do-it-yourself bookkeeping system (DIY Bookkeeper) was designed to help small business owners; like yourself, manage and understand their business finances.

It includes all the financial tracking you'll need to:

1. Income and expense tracking

2. Sales tax tracking

3. Automatically prepare your profit & loss statement to file your annual income tax

The Best Part

You're not alone while you do it! Managing your business finances does not have to be a lonely and frustrating experience. With our DIY Bookkeeper program, you get one-year access to our spreadsheet bookkeeping system, senior bookkeepers, and a community of like-minded small business owners.

Time to reduce your stress come tax time

Managing your business finances doesn't need to be hard or complicated.

Let us help you prioritize and simplify your process.


Join the waitlist and be the first to know when we launch DIY Bookkeeper. 

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Why DIY Bookkeeper?


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DIY Bookkeeper

  • A simple, low-tech, financial tracking spreadsheet system you can start using right away

  • A quick and effective way to track your business income and expenses 

  • An effective way to track your sales tax. Know how much you owe/will get as a refund in real time

  • A system designed to give you peace of mind that you'll be ready come tax time

  • Simple how-to video instructions to help you master the tool 

Ongoing Support

  • Monthly check-in workshops (Money Meetings)

  • Guidance on what expenses are eligible as a business write-off

  • Customer support to maintain your spreadsheet system

  • One-on-one with knowledgeable senior bookkeepers

  • The ability to graduate to our personalized done-for-your services at a discounted price

Community Membership

  • A private Facebook community of other like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Monthly co-working sessions to help you stay on task

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Would you prefer us to just do it for you?

No worries!
Let's talk to find out the best solution for you!

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